50 Cent Donates $10,000 To Help Fellow Rapper’s Mum In Fight Against Breast Cancer

Despite that whole declaring bankruptcy thing, it turns out 50 Cent isn’t as broke as he’d like us all to think, and he’s just been very generous with his cash indeed. The 40-year old opened his wallet and donated a cool $10,000 (£6,500) to Passion for Pink, a foundation set up...
Posted On 21 Oct 2015
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Matt Damon Would Move To Budapest, Hungary

Among all of the list Hollywood stars that shoot films in Hungary’s capital, maybe Oscar-winner Matt friend could be the foremost smitten with our pretty town. in a very recent interview, the actor announced that he’d with happiness quiet down in Budapest, if not for the actual...
Posted On 14 Oct 2015
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Amber Rose Breaks Down During Her Stage Presentation

Amber Rose hosted her first annual Slut Walk on Saturday afternoon supporting a really positive cause. The jam-packed event came about just about all day outdoors, within general sq. amid the buildings in downtown l. a. . The 31-year-old arrived carrying a racy outfit that...
Posted On 12 Oct 2015
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Justin Bieber’s Penis Pics Leaked, Invasion of Privacy or PR Stunt?

Images of Justin Bieber’s penis have leaked online by paparazzi. The pictures where taken during a recent vacation in Bora Bora, Bieber hid in the bushes and got the pic. Do you think this was a publicity stunt or a violation of privacy? Is it unethical to leak the...
Posted On 10 Oct 2015
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Meet Auriane Z Drawing Artist from Holland

Wicked! Dutch drawing artist Auriane Z, 19 years young and does her best to compete in artwork category. She’s familiar in drawing pictures of famous celebrities, like Chris Brown. Arts publishing that is mindful of its regional roots and local relevance doesn’t preclude...
Posted On 09 Oct 2015
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Justin Bieber Uncensored Naked Picture Bora Bora

Get exclusive leaked paparazzi pictures of Justin Bieber walking naked in his private mansion on Bora Bora. The dark- haired beauty at the side of the “What does one Mean” singer have taken to Instagram over the past few days to indicate off the island’s scenery and their largely...
Posted On 07 Oct 2015
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How To Kiss Random Girls Using Instagram

Kissing girls can be really hard, especially when you ask random girl to kiss. No way you will have the chance to get that special lip from her. Prankster Vitalyz TV Prankser made it all easy for you by using simple social media steps. Step 1: Use a earplug and a microphone...
Posted On 06 Oct 2015
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Snoop Dog Is Playing at The Boiling Room

This is too funny and hilarious at the same time. I never saw this before, well not on this decade. While audience is roller skating, the Snoop’s entourage setting a nice high party with some chill tunes. When is the right time to switch the dj world to a next level? Snoop...
Posted On 04 Oct 2015
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Demi Lovato Did Nude Shoot To Raise Awareness About Eating Disorders

Lovato has struggled with body image issues in the past, and is now a huge advocate for healthy living, and refusing to conform to the ‘Hollywood ideal’. She opened up about her eating disorder issues, and battle with depression, saying: I would have never thought I would have...
Posted On 03 Oct 2015
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This Is A Female Dan Bilzerian – Aimee Davison

Who ever takes a look at the Instagram page of Dan Bilzerian, knows his Instagramfeed mainly consists of beautiful (scantily clad) women, weapons, money and cars. As the picture, for example, below. Being that my modeling career has taken a nose dive, I'm picking up shifts as...
Posted On 02 Oct 2015
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